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no one's gonna mourn you,
not even Daryl.

“I don’t go a day without talking to Jonathan. I don’t go a day without being in contact with him. Our families are very close, every New Year’s we spend together with our families, we have a tradition with them. I’ve seen Jonathan in every job he’s ever done. He’s been my date to things like the SAG awards and openings. I grew up never having had close friends because I was working all the time. All the girls, growing up, everyone had their best friends. And I never, ever had that. And Jonathan is really and truly my first and only best friend. And I couldn’t have picked a better person.” - Lea Michele

finn week day 3: favourite performance(s)

Finn Week - Day 3: Favorite performance(s)


My favorite friendships - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele

Lea Michele of rp
I'm Bailey Barker-Infinity and I'm in love with Tyler Barker. We started dating on 110612 and lost each other, but when two people are meant to be they find a way back. My sister Aubrey is Dianna Agron and we like to plan out our future. We're gonna have two kids and get married before we're 30. Paola is my Darren and when we meet I promised I would take her to try an empanada. Hailey is the Chris to my Lea and the Brooke/Sophia to my Lucas/Chad. I love all 4 of them, and my blog consists of things that remind me of them and Aubree /Nattie , Skylur, & Maci