Dear Bryanna, 
I know I’m no photoshop genius, I actually don’t have photoshop so bare with me on this pic that I tried to make for us. I really hope you have the best birthday ever. This year has been the craziest for you or well since you met me, and honestly I’m happy to say you’re in my life and even though we’ve both had bumps in the road I wouldn’t change a thing, because when we drift it’s what brings us close together. You’re my santana, kate, and shay forever . You will always have this place in my heart no one can have. You made a huge impact on my life in such a short amount of time it’s kinda crazy . You better not think of leaving anytime soon without my fighting for you. You’re special and have one of the best personalities on rp, it’s a blessing to just say I knew you . Stay cute okay ?! and Just stay in my life always. I LOVE YOU BRYBEAR 

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Lea Michele of rp
I'm Bailey Barker-Infinity and I'm in love with Tyler Barker. We started dating on 110612 and lost each other, but when two people are meant to be they find a way back. My sister Aubrey is Dianna Agron and we like to plan out our future. We're gonna have two kids and get married before we're 30. Paola is my Darren and when we meet I promised I would take her to try an empanada. Hailey is the Chris to my Lea and the Brooke/Sophia to my Lucas/Chad. I love all 4 of them, and my blog consists of things that remind me of them and Aubree /Nattie , Skylur, & Maci